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Bike Movies

Bike Movies by Greg Borzo

  • Title: Quicksilver
  • Year Released: 1986
  • Duration: 105 minutes
  • Language: English
  • Bike Content: 8/10 wheels
  • Overall Rating: 4/10 stars

You have to be a bike buff to enjoy Quicksilver, which spins its wheels on plot twists that go nowhere and characters that don’t ring true. Nevertheless, it redeems itself by offering fun and excitement on ten-speeds.

QuicksilverFour stirring, well photographed bike segments provide the real appeal. First, while sitting in a taxi, hotshot stockbroker Jack Casey challenges a bike messenger to a race. The swerves and near misses get the adrenaline flowing and convey the danger of being a messenger in a big city. The challenge is just a whim, but the experience plants a seed that blossoms later in the film.

Second, Jack performs a bicycle ballet with his pirouetting girlfriend in his loft. Unfortunately, this unusual but charming seduction would be hard to emulate since it requires exceptional bicycle skills, as well as a huge apartment.

Third, bike messengers clown around on their bikes, performing stunts for fellow riders. Some of the riders look good enough to compete in the Cycle Messengers World Championships, which has been held in cities around the world since 1993, including San Francisco, where this movie was filmed.

QuicksilverThe last highlight involves a wild, action-packed pursuit – one of the few chase scenes in cinema that pits a car versus a bike. That makes for a more thrilling chase than the ones in The French Connection, Bullitt and Wanted. Watch how the crazed car driver becomes more maniacal as his car and forehead get battered during the heart-pounding pursuit.

These bike highlights, performed with rock music thundering in the background, resemble the dance footage in Saturday Night Fever and Footloose in that they break up the movie. In this case, that’s no big loss because the story is muddled and the script uninspired. Consider fast forwarding from one to the next.