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Team Rabobank's Giant TCR Advanced SL O

Posted November 22nd, 2013

In this year’s Tour de France, the Giant brand will be well represented by Team Rabobank. The bikes they will be riding are very similar to our test bike, the top of the line TCR Advanced SL 0.

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Handlebar Palsy

Posted July 10th, 2013

Physiotherapist Tim Bickerton looks at hand injuries in cycling, analysing the symptoms and suggesting some good ways to prevent painful and debilitating problems.

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Bright, Our Best Cycling Destination?

Posted June 27th, 2013

We all have our favourite places to ride. Self-confessed climbing junkie Keiran Ryan looks at why Bright is often referred to asAustralia’s premier cycling destination. Read more

Where to Ride: Wales

Posted June 19th, 2013

Rugged Wales. The UK mightn’t spring to mind as a top MTB destination but the small ‘principality’ of Wales is home to some of the finest mountain biking on the planet. Exiled Welsh native Steve Thomas provides an insight… Read more

Portland Sidebar

Posted January 23rd, 2013

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Posted January 7th, 2013

Oh lucky cyclist! Welcome to the Platinum bicycling city of Portland, Oregon.  Not only do cyclists here enjoy world-class street infrastructure to support cycling, but many organizations focus on advocating for cycling as a mainstream method of transportation, which means that cycling will only get better over time. Read more